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The LORIT technological infrastructure **facilitates session observation, as well as gathering and recording multimedia data, which are synchronized using a single timestamp.**

The Laboratory features:

  • A comprehensive data acquisition system:

    • A fully connected infrastructure enabling extensive data acquisition;

    • Three remote-controlled cameras equipped with an automatic tracking system;

    • Ten short-range microphones to pick up sound at user stations;

    • An additional microphone (which hangs from the ceiling) with a wider pick-up angle, lateral coverage, and better gain, thus allowing optimal pick-up in a distance learning configuration;

  • A telecommunications network supporting both IP and ATM protocols, and allowing bandwidth management;

  • A tried and tested firewall for maximum security;

  • A consol used to control all devices and equipment, either from within the lab or from the control room.


Control Room

The Control Room allows you to:

  • Observe, record and control the ten user stations (PCs);

  • Record and presynchronize various data with a single timestamp;

  • Select among several user-station/data-source combinations arranged in a 10x3 matrix, for flexible data acquisition.

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