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Solutions Meeting Your Needs

Profile Common Need Solution
(HR departments, school boards, universities, colleges, etc.)
How can I test on-line training solutions for personnel situated in remote locations ? The LORIT infrastructure allows you to simulate a distance learning environment in order to test training platforms and software.

Professor How can I train students to use state of the art data gathering technologies or other types of software tools ? At the LORIT, a comprehensive set of data collection and analysis technologies are at students’ disposal.

(Research centers, universities, etc)
Where can I hold experiments that will yield usable research data ? Data on the nature and frequency of subjects’ actions can be collected, either on-site or from a remote location.

Web or software designer
How can I ensure that a Web site or software application is easy to use for its target users ? At the LORIT, you can observe user behavior, as you simultaneously collect spontaneous comments and navigation log data.

Integrator How can I test the compatibility and performance of an integrated system ? You’ll find all the tools you need to perform high-quality tests at the LORIT.

LICEF Research Center
100, Sherbrooke west,
Montreal (Quebec) Canada, H2X 3P2
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