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Why Users Love the LORIT

LORIT’s versatility has ensured the successful completion of several projects requiring a high-tech environment.
Here’s what our users had to say:

"Without the LORIT infrastructure, I never could have conducted my experiment on collaborative work with so many students."

- Josianne Basque, May 2003
  Professor, Télé-université

"Finally! A facility for serious experiments!"

- Aude Dufresne, June 2003
  Researcher, Université de Montréal

"Welcome to the world of extreme research!"

- Francine D’Ortun, July 2003

LICEF Research Center
100, Sherbrooke west,
Montreal (Quebec) Canada, H2X 3P2
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E-mail : licef@teluq.uquebec.ca
Phone : (514) 843-2015
Fax : (514) 843-2151

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